Monday, August 18, 2014

First Day of Preschool

Today Eli went to preschool.  That's such a normal thing to say and I like it!  I wasn't really ready for him to go.  When Zachary was that age, we signed him up in April and he went to school in September.  I was still emotional about it but I had had five months to prepare myself.  Eli's time span was two weeks.  On the very first day of the school year, we got the call to schedule the evaluation with therapists and then exactly two weeks later he started. 

He was as ready as he was going to be.  He woke me this morning saying "I go to school today!  I sing songs and do my stuff."  We kept up the excitement until we actually got in the door at school.  He wasn't so sure then but he kept on.  He has his own little cubby with his name on it for his backpack, but he wasn't ready to take it off.  So he wore it into the classroom and met some of his classmates.  I got a picture of him with his teacher.  Well, he was trying to get away from his teacher, but I got the picture!  Then he gave me a good hug like Zachary does when we drop him off at school.  Eli was starting to get a little whiny but I just told him bye and I'd see him soon. 

Soon after I got home my phone rang.  It was the school.  Oh no, could he have had a meltdown they couldn't handle? (not that I don't trust them, but what else was I to think?)  Did he cry so hard he passed out?  Nope, nothing like that.  Mr. Jim just called to tell me that although Eli had some tears and crying time which was calmed by rocking with his teacher, he was doing well.  I honestly thought that's what he would do, but it was so good to hear that!

Bryan was able to come with me to pick up Eli and he was so cute waiting at the door for us.  He was very excited to see Daddy because that was a surprise.  Then we ate lunch with Aunt Ashley and Mamaw Betty and now he's napping.  He was full of news about his class and said he had fun.  And he said "Yes" when his teacher asked if he'd come back on Wednesday. 

Eli is at a preschool that is associated with the school system in town.  He will go two mornings a week and he will be in regular preschool classes.  Therapists come to the school and he will receive PT and OT through them.  He had OT today.  We're so grateful he has this opportunity to be with kids his age and work on his social skills. 

Here are a few pics of Eli on this big day:

Strapped in his car seat ready to go to school.  His "pack-pack" is on the floor beside him.

The boys wore matching shirts today.  Zachary was so happy for Eli to be going to school.

Walking up the sidewalk to his door.  He was ready.
If you look at his left hand you can see a blue glove on it.  That's his neoprene brace to help pull his thumb out into a more normal position.  He also wears kinesiology tape along his index finger for the same reason.  He wears those things for a couple hours each day (that's our goal anyway!)

Mr. Jim opened the door for Eli just as he was reaching for it.