Sunday, February 26, 2012

Stomach Bugs and Echos

This will just be a quick update and request.  Our house is sickly right now, Eli's been vomiting off and on for a few days and having loose stools.  I was supposed to work last night, but was put on call.  That turned out to be a blessing in disguise because Zachary woke up vomiting at 12:45am.  He kept that up through the night and I started early this morning.  We think the boys are getting better, but I'm working on getting to the "nothing happening, just feel lousy" stage.  Bryan is taking good care of us and doing a pretty good job!  Hopefully he can avoid whatever we've had. 

In addition to all that excitement, Eli has an appointment with his cardiologist in Evansville tomorrow.  He will have an echo before the appointment.  I always start to get nervous when he has one approaching.  I've been seeing little signs that tell me his endurance may not be what it was before.  His activity level doesn't seem to be what it was a few weeks ago.  At times, I think he's sleeping more.  Like I said, I usually do this before he has an echo.  This time, however, his physical therapist and speech therapist have had minor concerns too.  It makes me feel better that I'm not the only one seeing things, but it concerns me that others have concerns as well.  I'm hoping that maybe he's just not been feeling well for a while and will start to feel better after we get over this round of illness in our house.

Overall, he's still playing, being his usual happy self, and eating pretty well.  We just think we see some vague signs that may indicate things aren't going as well as they had been.  

With Eli, it's so hard to tell what's going on.  He had a rough January with ear infections, colds & tonsillitis, so maybe he's just having trouble getting over that.  Maybe it's just his body "preparing" for this illness.  Maybe he's having trouble adjusting to the milk we've added to his diet.  Maybe his heart function is decreasing.  Maybe he found an activity level he's comfortable with and just doesn't challenge it.  Maybe, maybe, maybe. 

So, that's our update.  Now, here's the requst:  Please pray for all of us to get over this stomach bug.  Please pray for Eli's echo to go smoothly (he's developed a severe dislike of medical personnel and their equipment, our last echo in Evansville should've been about 45 minutes but was over 3 hours).  Please pray for good results from the echo.

Again, thanks for reading and caring about our family. 

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