Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Prayer Request

Tomorrow's the day.  Eli has a heart catheterization in the morning.  We'll leave very early in the morning to get him there on time.  We decided to not spend the night before because it's a pain to pack everything we need for just a single night AND he can't have anything to eat or drink after 2 am....we'd be kicked out of anywhere we stayed!

This procedure will be done by his main cardiologist in Indy at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital.  They insert a tiny tube (catheter) into a vessel in his groin and let it travel to his heart.  Once there they can get blood pressure readings in each chamber and within the vessels, pictures from within the veins, and loads of other stuff that's beyond me.  Yes, Eli is put to sleep prior to this.  It's a pretty simple procedure but of course there's still some risk since he has to be put out.  We don't know if he'll be discharged Wednesday afternoon/evening or if he'll spend the night.  We'll find out after the heart cath.  Other than missing Zachary, we don't care if he spends the night or not....we know they'll do what's best for him!

Eli had one of these done the day prior to his second heart surgery and he did really well with it.  The results were basically what the doctor had been expecting if not a little better.  We're roughly anticipating Eli's next surgery to be spring/summer 2013 and hopefully Wednesday's heart cath will be the only one he requires before the next surgery. 

Our specific prayer requests are as follows:

1)  Eli's safety while he's under anesthetic again
2)  for a safe trip to and from Indy
3)  for Zachary to not feel left out (he's staying with grandparents at their houses and at ours...he'll make it an adventure!)
4)  for Eli to not be too cranky from nothing to eat after 2 am.  We've started nighttime tube feedings again because he had been waking up hungry in the night.  Tonight I'll hold it until 1 am and give it to him over an hour.  Hopefully I sleep well prior to his feeding because we're leaving a little after 3 to get there on time so I probably won't go to bed after his feeding!

Thank you all for following along and for all the support.  I'll post again to let you know how it went.  I'm not sure when that will be, but please don't assume no news is bad, it's probably just that I haven't had a chance to get on the computer!

And if you see my mom anywhere today, be sure to wish her a Happy ??th birthday!!!!  Love you, Momma!

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