Friday, February 8, 2013

It's Official (and I'm so EXCITED!)

No, we're not expecting another baby.  I knew some of you would think that because of the title, but I kept it because it got you to check the blog, didn't it? 

A very exciting thing happened when I went to the mailbox yesterday.  There was an envelope for ME!  Bryan & the boys usually get all the good stuff, but this had my name on it and it wasn't a bill.  It was from the Governor's office.   


It was a signed copy of a proclamation declaring Feb 7-14, 2013 to be recognized as CHD Awareness Week in Indiana :)  I'm so happy!!!!

Eli hugging the proclamation from our Governor's office.  The copy was already creased from the mail so why not let him hug it?  He's the reason we got it done!

Here are some facts about Congenital Heart Defects:

♥  One in one hundred babies born in the US will have a congenital heart defect. That translates to nearly 40,000 babies each year in the US alone. 

♥ 1 in 100?  Yes, really.  Our local hospital (Daviess Community Hospital) reported just over 500 births in 2012.  That means FIVE babies with some type of a CHD were born at DCH last year alone.  

♥  Because the heart is formed so early in pregnancy, the defects are often present before most women know they are pregnant.

Our Request:  

♥ Learn something new about CHDs every day this week and share that information with someone else. We need your help to spread awareness. ♥


  1. This is so awesome!! Good job!! And Eli hugging it is icing on the cake. <3
    (this is Dawn from Queen of Hearts, and I'm using my unused blogger account. One day I'll use it again. lol so sorry for any confusion)

  2. oh it worked WOOO!! okay..