Saturday, June 1, 2013

Days 44 & 45, Post Op Fontan (May 31 & June 1)

Friday and Saturday were much of the same.  Our plan for the weekend is to watch Eli's output (from his JP drain) and monitor his activity and oxygen levels.  So far, that plan has worked.  Zachary was supposed to have a baseball game Friday night, but it was cancelled due to the rain.  Bryan asked if he wanted to stay home Friday night or come on up to Indy.  Zachary's answer was that he wanted to see Eli (insert "awwws" here).

Eli had played hard all day and was too tired & busy to take a nap.  He was definitely fussy as the evening wore on, but that all changed when he saw Daddy & Bubba!  After a late supper together and some more play time, Zachary and I left to spend the night at Ashley & Josh's house.  It's always nice to get some snuggle time with my Z-boy!

While at Ashley's house, I used the morning hours to do a load of laundry and wash some bottles (much easier at their house than sharing the hospital-provided washer/dryer or doing dishes in the bathroom sink).  We didn't get to the hospital until early afternoon so I missed the docs who stopped by in the morning.  Bryan said that everyone is impressed with how he's doing and hoping he continues.

Eli's JP drain is draining fluid, especially after he's been up playing.  His activity greatly increases the amount of drainage (which is a good thing).  His oxygen levels are doing well too.  When he's been off his off supplemental oxygen for a while, his sats are ranging anywhere from the upper 80s to the low 90s.  Those numbers are higher than they used to be and we're hopeful they'll rise once his JP is finally removed.

Dr. Abraham said Eli will have another chest x-ray on Monday morning.  Depending on what that shows, it will determine the discharge plan.  If the x-ray shows much fluid, Eli will have to stay and possibly have another chest tube.  If there's not much or no fluid present, Eli will be discharged from the hospital.  The x-ray findings combined with the amount of fluid his JP drains over the weekend will determine if he goes home with or without the JP drain.  We haven't talked specifics, but I'm guessing that if Dr. Abraham decides to pull the JP, Eli may have to stay a day or two to make sure there's no further accumulation.  If the JP stays in place, it sounds like Eli may be allowed to come home Monday or Tuesday.

Yes, the end is in sight.  We're not getting excited about it yet, we can't emotionally afford to get excited about it yet.  What we are excited about is that we have another goal in sight and so far it is attainable.  We'll go from there!

Specific Prayer Requests:
- for Eli's chest x-ray to come back without any new fluid accumulation
- that his oxygen levels stay up
- for us to finally get back home together!
- thankful that Eli has been improving and is doing so well

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