Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Preliminary Results....

We don't have the final culture results in, but the preliminary reports show no signs of growth!!!  That's the negative we were praying/begging/pleading to get :)  Thank you for all the prayers and expressions of concern.  We've had many texts, private messages, and comments in the last few days asking how Eli's doing and if we have any results.  Thank you! 

If you remember, when we went to Dr. Amy's last Friday (the morning after the fever started & we had cultures drawn) she said Eli's right ear was red.  Sadly, that news excited us very much.  We were hopeful it was just simply an ear infection but with Eli's history we couldn't be sure.  He was started on an antibiotic which he is currently still taking.  Since then, he hasn't had a temperature over 99.5, in fact it's usually 97 or 98.  And, no, I don't take his temperature all the time!  It's not even daily.  Eli has had issues with allergies (as does EVERYONE these days!) although I'm beginning to think he's got more of a head cold than allergies right now.  His nose has been very runny over the past several days and he has a nasty sounding cough throughout the day and especially at night.  The cough sounds like a drainage cough and his lungs sound very clear throughout so I'm not concerned that it's anything more serious at this point.  We're continuing his antibiotic as well as allergy medicine and the occasional dose of Dimetapp as needed for his congestion. 

Eli's still crankier than usual at times and very clingy, but honestly I can't blame all that on being ill.  He's been that way since his last discharge and being sick seems to have exacerbated it some.  You know, like three-year-olds can be!  Right now he and Zachary are dancing to a video in the living room while playing dinosaurs.  I love that my boys can multi-task!  They also made me place a box in the kitchen so they can put important things in it that we will need for vacation (which is still a month away!).  Heaven knows we can't go on vacation without microwave popcorn, special DVDs, and Zachary's binoculars!!!

Again, thank you for the prayers, concern, and support.  More prayers that he gets over this ear infection and head cold are appreciated as well as for the final culture results to be negative. Unfortunately because of Eli's history we will never be comfortable with any fever he has until we prove it's not caused by staph, so this may happen a lot.  Hopefully not for a long time because we desperately need some peaceful moments around here.  Although experiences like this once again make us realize how fortunate we are to have each other and appreciate Every Little Beat...

UPDATE:  About an hour after posting this we got a call from the doctor's office.  The final culture report is in and it is NEGATIVE.  You may begin your happy dance now, we did!

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