Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Update and Two Prayer Requests

Hello!  It's been a long time since we've posted and I apologize for that.  For the most part things have been going pretty well.  Eli has battled several small colds, ear infections, pneumonia, and a nasty stomach bug since our last post.  Currently he has a headcold and double ear infection.  This has been almost constant for him this fall.  We may need to look into getting an ENT appointment for him.  First we're trying a different antibiotic to see how he responds to that.

In other news, some of you may not know but we are expecting again!  Baby Veale #3 is due May 4, 2015.  We announced the pregnancy early this time for a couple reasons.  Number one, we lost a pregnancy last year when I was nearly 11 weeks along.  We hadn't yet told anyone I was even pregnant so it was really hard to tell people I was losing the baby they didn't know we were having.  This time, although we didn't know what would happen, we decided we didn't want to risk that kind of heartbreak again.  We told early on so that we could celebrate the excitement of another baby and in case we lost the baby, family would already know and be able to offer their support.  Reason number two for telling early is because I was showing very quickly this time!  I was in maternity clothes by eight weeks! 

Now I'm 19 weeks along, just shy of the halfway point.  So far everything has gone very well.  I'm past the morning sickness phase (by the way, "morning" sickness really needs re-named!).  Now I'm just trying to adjust to my growing belly.  So far today I've hit it with the refrigerator door twice today.  I'm getting better though, yesterday it was four times by lunchtime!  Poor kid. 

Later this afternoon, we'll head to my OB for a routine ultrasound.  Today is the day we could find out if we're having a boy or girl.  But we won't find out.  We didn't with Zachary or Eli and we liked waiting until delivery.  What's a thousand times more important than the gender, is to find out HOW this baby is doing.  Does this baby have four working heart chambers?  Is its heart rate and rhythm normal?  And many other questions.  In addition to today's ultrasound, we'll go to Indy when I'm about 24 weeks.  There we'll have a fetal echo and other scans done.  That will give even more answers to this baby's overall health status. 

So I have a couple prayer requests for Eli's MVPs today:

-  pray that Eli's ear infections clear up and stay away.  Overall he doesn't act very sick, but he has a pretty high pain and illness tolerance.  He's not at 100%

- pray this ultrasound doesn't show anything abnormal for this baby.  As much as Bryan and I are trying not to think about the "what ifs," it's difficult not to worry. 

Thank you all for the continued support.  We're grateful for each of you.  We will post updates to Eli's health and our ultrasound as time allows!

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