Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Here we go again...or still...

Eli had an ear infection/diarrhea/teeth cutting episode in early December.  He recovered from that, we did the Holter monitor (see previous post for all that info), had Christmas and thought all was good.  Since Christmas we've been a very busy group!  The day after Christmas, Eli started with a runny nose.  He progressed to a full fledged cold since then.  His eyes get matted shut, he has a breakdown if he sees a Kleenex in the room because his little nose hurts so badly, and he's coughing so much that he can't sleep. 

We started getting really worried yesterday because he wasn't even playing anymore.  The poor baby just sat on our laps and whined.  He's not normally a whiner, he usually just yells for what he wants then moves on!  We went to see Dr. Amy today and found out he has another ear infection and red, swollen tonsils.  Fortunately she didn't hear anything in his lungs, so we think the cough is from all the congestion.  Good news is that he's gained another ounce this past month despite his decreased appetite lately.  He's now 20 lbs 13 oz!  Eli got a Rocephin (an antibiotic) shot in her office and started an oral antibiotic at home.  As soon as we got home he went to sleep and has been in bed for 3 hours!   

So, what does momma do when her baby is finally getting some sleep?  She sits on the couch eating Oreos and watching mindless television.  It was awesome :)  I needed some downtime to rest my wrist.  I had surgery to remove a cyst on my wrist 12/28.  Things went well and I'm actually doing better than I expected.  I start physical therapy tomorrow.  I'm supposed to have a 5lb weight restriction, but that's difficult with a sick little guy around.  Luckily, Bryan has been willing to take care of a lot of things and my mom & his sister Kendra have been huge helps.

Zachary had his first Snow Day today.  Washington schools were on a two hour delay, which means that morning preschool was canceled.  He needed to sleep in and "we-wax" some too!  Right now, Zachary, Bryan & Kendra are in Indy at the Kids Club event.  They get to play on the field and I think there are bouncy houses for the kids too.  Some players come out later for autograph sessions.  I'm sure they're having a good time!

I hear a baby starting to wake up so I'll end this update for now.  Hopefully the nap did him some good and he's ready to eat a little.  Please pray for a good night for him, he hasn't slept well for two nights because of coughing so much.  We hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and we wish everyone much happiness & health in the New Year!

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