Friday, August 30, 2013

Holding Pattern...Days 7 and 8

Thursday, August 29, 2013:  First of all "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" to the boys' aunt Cara!

Today was a pretty slow day.  Wednesday and Thursday were much of the same thing:  waiting for Eli's body to rest and heal.  His lungs sound clearer and they reduced his breathing treatments from every four hours to every six.  His belly is still distended but he's eating a little bit.  I still have to feed him most of it, but he is slowly getting stronger.  We were told these few days wouldn't have many changes on the docs part, just waiting for Eli to get stronger.

Friday, August 30, 2013:  The biggest news of the day is that Eli finally pooped!!!!  It's kind of a big deal.  He hasn't since Saturday, he was extremely uncomfortable, and it only took five glycerin suppositories and about seven doses of Miralax.  The down side to him having two poopy diapers this morning is that he is exhausted.  He's slept almost all day.  When he's awake he's trying to get a comfy spot in his bed which is difficult to do with all his tubes and attachments.  The first time I tried to have him sit up he was so shaky that I couldn't take my hands off him.  I didn't keep him upright too long and let him lay down on his side.  He was propped up on pillows and seemed more comfortable.  He slept again so I used the time to take a long mid-day shower!  When he woke from that nap I had him sit up again which he tolerated much better.  He also ate a few bites of crackers, grapes, and yogurt.  He stayed up for about 15-20 minutes before he had to lay down again.  He's sleeping again.  I think he's gaining some energy to keep up with Daddy and Zachary when they get here this evening!

Eli's now on a calorie count which means we document every bite or drink he takes.  Dietary also visited and encouraged me to push a couple ounces of PediaSure through his feeding tube at random times of the day.  We can do it after he eats or while he's sleeping.  It will be at our discretion, but he needs those calories any way we can get them to him!  The other change is that his breathing treatments have been changed to an as needed basis.  His lungs sound much better.  The chest xrays yesterday and today were about the same in regards to the amount of fluid present from the effusion.  Once he's able to sit up longer and even venture out of the room in a wagon, we should see improvement.

Pablo is still helping Eli through thick and thin!

Ways to Help?  Over the past week I've had many, many people asking what they can do to help.  Obviously keeping us in your prayers is our main request.  We understand that people want to be able to do other things for us, so I will try to be better about addressing those needs.  Right now here are a few ways if you're interested:

** we are still taking orders for Eli's MVPs tshirts and hoodies.  I want to place the order within the next week, so if you need one please let us know soon.  You can contact us through the Eli's MVPs Facebook page (click here for a direct link to that) or email your order to  We would like payment before we deliver and we'll let you know an address to send the check or money to when you order.

Tshirts come in garnet red, kiwi green and sapphire blue.  
Sizes available are Youth XS - L and Adult (men's sizes) S - 5XL   
Prices are $15 each (add $2 for size 2X and up)

Hoodies come in charcoal gray, kiwi green and antique sapphire                
Sizes available are Youth S - XL and Adult (men's sizes) S - 5XL  
**Antique Sapphire is adult sizes only, no youth**
Prices are $25 each (add $2 for size 2X and up)

**a friend of ours is hosting a Thirty One party.  Her commission will be donated to Eli's MVPs for Eli's medical expenses.  First of all "Thank you, Tiffany!"  It will be an online and catalog party.  The new fall catalog is going to be released Sept 1.  If you'd like to order or even just browse the catalog, go to her website.  Click here for that link.  At the top of her page is a tab for "My Parties."  Click on that and next to Fundraiser for Eli Veale is an option to Shop Now.  If you want a catalog please let us know and we'll get one to you.  Now's the perfect time to start Christmas shopping, right?!?!?  Orders will be taken until September 27.

**Eli's beginning his second week in the hospital.  Yesterday we received two pieces of mail delivered to the room.  Eli was too weak to get very excited but he was interested as I opened them and pulled out the cards.  He enjoyed me reading to him and showing him the pictures on the cards.  I think a simple way to make him smile would be to send him something simple.  A card, note, drawing, whatever you want!  I taped the two from yesterday to the door and realized we have a lot of room left to cover and it sounds like we'll be here long enough to do it!  If you'd like to send a message to Eli at the hospital, please send it to:

Eli Veale, patient
c/o Peyton Manning Children's Hospital
2001 West 86th Street
Indianapolis, Indiana 

**Since forming Eli's MVPs we have said we want to have fundraisers to benefit the CHD community.  We are still serious about doing a drive for some items we know the patients and families at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital could benefit from.  Throughout these two admissions, I have asked many nurses what they think some needs are and we have gotten wonderful ideas.  I had hoped we would have a drive in place by now, but that's not the way life has turned out!  We may try to do something like this for Congential Heart Defect Awareness Week in February 2014.  This is just to let you know that we are thinking beyond Eli and want to give back while raising awareness.  You'll hear more about this when we have time to put something together!

As always, please keep us in your prayers.   The four of us should be together again in a couple hours and I can't wait!  Prayers to all of you for a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend. 

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