Saturday, August 3, 2013

Veale Vacay, 2013

Bryan took the past week off work.  The four of us really needed to make some sort of an attempt at a family vacation.  With Zachary about to start kindergarten we had to make it happen now.  And we did.  Of course we still have some concerns with Eli's health (I'll touch more on that in another blog sometime), but we knew we needed some Family of Four time.

Right now it's very late and I'm tired.  I'll blog about the early part of our vacation in another post, this one is about today's adventure:  Holiday World. 

The Veale Family Fun Facts About Holiday World:

- the time spent from leaving our driveway to parking at HW is exactly thee length of Sid the Science Kid's movie

- we found out today that I am NOT allergic to bee stings (but I gave my sis-in-law a quick overview of my medical history complete with blood type just in case I was)

- you can have a lot of fun in the waterpark without riding anything....the big slides had lines that were too long for our liking so we stuck to the wave pool and the slides in the kiddie/wading pool.  After a while Zachary even started going down them by himself instead of on the lap of an adult!  Eli and Bryan went down a couple, but Eli was not happy (that's the mild version of his emotions about the slide)

- after much prodding, pleading, and a weak attempt at tough love, Eli became the king of the wading pool...up to 3" deep

- Zachary has some great dance moves he can bust out at any random moment.  In the water, waiting in line, or even as we're walking to our next destination.  Sometimes Eli would imitate the moves for added enjoyment.  However, the dance parties only lasted a few seconds with the exception of one several minutes' long display at the end of the day

- my mom is a better shot than I am.  One of the rides is equipped with laser guns.  The goal was to shoot the targets and a hidden turkey (we were in the Thanksgiving area of HW) would pop out.  Each target/turkey was worth 30 points.  We had two trips through and my combined score was a mere 450 to her 500.

- not that this should surprise anyone, but Eli does enjoy things he initially protests.  At first he didn't want to ride anything, but after some persuasion he rode a few things and actually had fun.  As long as it wasn't a slide.  Or a kiddie canoe.  Or something that keeps him more than two feet from one of us.

- Bryan and I may not have/make time for regular exercise, but days like today (pulling a wagon with 100lbs of children plus another 20 or so pounds of necessities) up and down the hills and paths of HW is a good workout

- August 2 (only one week before my Z's first day of kindergarten) will now be known as "Jessica's first tan lines of 2013"

- the pedals in the old time cars are REALLY hard to keep pushed down to power the car.  An incidental revelation on this ride was confirmation that five year olds definitely do not have the agility/power/reasoning to successfully drive a vehicle.  No, that doesn't surprise us, it's just that today's experience with Zachary behind the wheel (while I tried to keep that blasted pedal pushed to the floor) leaves me with the need for some Tylenol.  Or a hot tub.  Or a masseuse. 

- Eli can fall asleep within 10 minutes of getting into the van for our ride home....Zachary was out very soon after Eli was.

- we listened to at least 15 more minutes of Sid the Science Kid before my mom pointed out that the only ones awake to hear/watch it were well over 35 years old.

We had a great time and I'm so glad we took the boys.  It was the first time for each of the boys.  I thought about getting a waterproof camera to document the day, but decided against it.  My reasoning was that I wanted to experience the fun in real time and not be behind a lens all day.  That and the fact that I didn't think about getting one until midnight last night and I was not going to buy one then. 

Upcoming blog posts will be about the earlier days of our vacation and an update on Eli's health.  Thanks for reading and caring!

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