Monday, January 20, 2014

The Day Before Eli's Fontan Part Two (should we call it FP2?)

Eli's Fontan revision with removal of pacemaker and wires is on schedule for Tuesday, Jan 21.  He was originally to be the second case of the day, but the first case has been cancelled.  That means Eli will be in the OR at 8am.  They will come get him from the room approximately 6:45-7:00am to start prepping him.  "Prepping him" means getting him to sleep, going through the surgical cleansing, and getting all their access lines in his little body. 

Dr. Abraham talked to us for a while today about the surgery.  The only real question we had was one we knew he couldn't answer:  How long will it take?  He addressed that before we ever brought it up.  He doesn't know how long Eli will be in surgery.  In his words, "I won't know until I get in there.  But my suspicion is that it will take a while."  

We're asking everyone who has an Eli's MVPs shirt or hoodie to wear it tomorrow.  If you don't have one or can't wear it due to uniform restrictions, etc, we ask that you wear something blue.  Blue is Eli's favorite color.  Feel free to post a picture of you wearing your shirt to Eli's Facebook page or our personal Facebook pages.  If you're not on Facebook, you can email it to 

We're also asking for a moment of prayer at 8am.  Please pray for Eli's safety, the anesthesiologist's skill, the surgeon's guidance, and blessings to all who are involved in his care. Prayers are also appreciated for the safe travels of family members who will be rising very, very early to get here in time to see Eli before he goes down to surgery.

Eli is spending the day playing baseball in his room and eating.  He's being silly and lots of fun.  Daddy and I have loved hanging out with him today, especially because he's been in a good mood!  He's not had a nap today but that's a little strategic on our part because we want him to sleep well.  He won't have anything to eat or drink after 11pm tonight, so we're hoping he's awake until about 10:30 (what he's done the past two nights!).  In addition to playtime, Bryan and I cleared out Eli's room today.  We don't want to move everything to the PICU, so we've just kept a few changes of clothes, a few cuddly toys for Eli, and the things we need to occupy us during the surgery wait.  Making a trip to the van to exchange our clothes every couple days will be a good outing for one of us!  We left up Eli's drawings and cards and we'll move those to the PICU with us so he can see them.  Thank you so much to everyone who's sent something.  He's loved getting to open those envelopes!!!

Updates to come Tuesday as time allows.  I probably won't do a blog post until after surgery, but I will update on Facebook because that's quick and easy.  If you haven't "liked" us on Facebook yet, use this link to get there and do so.  We're close to 900 likes.  If you're on Facebook, would you share his page on your newsfeed and ask your friends to like Eli's MVPs? 

Thank you for everything!!!

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