Monday, January 13, 2014

The Waiting Game...and a Request

We're still here, just hanging out occupying ourselves with movies, games, stickers, walks around the halls, and silly time.  The plan is to keep getting blood cultures every couple days.  Once he has negative cultures for a stretch of time (different estimates from different specialties) we'll know more about proceeding with surgery.

Today his pacemaker was turned down.  Normally his settings are to keep his heart rate at a minimum of 80 when he's awake and 70 when he's asleep.  Today it's been turned down to kick in if his rate gets below 50.  So far he's doing well with it.

Another "exciting" development he's experiencing is diarrhea.  With all the antibiotics he's been on, it's not surprising.  Today, they sent samples to be tested for c-diff which is something that can develop when there's a lot of antibiotic use.  If he tests positive for that, he'll be in isolation so he doesn't spread it through the hospital unit.

Bryan and Zachary came up Friday night.  It was the first time the four of us were together since Dec 30.  I  got to leave the hospital and spend the night with Zachary.  Saturday we did a little shopping (Eli needed the next size up in shoes so Z picked out some really cool Cars shoes that light up!).  We had more time at the hospital together then some family came to stay with Eli while Bryan, Zachary and I went out to dinner.  Then Zachary went home with them and Bryan stayed through Sunday.

Think these brothers were happy to see each other again?!?

Many of you have sweetly asked for an address to send cards.  We would love to get some mail while we're here!  Eli got two cards today and it really made a big difference in his mood.  Many of you have asked about visiting.  While we would love to see you, we need to keep our visitors to a minimum.  As of now, Eli is in protective isolation.  That is for his benefit.  We have to do everything we can to keep him as healthy as possible before this surgery.  We don't want to delay it due to a preventable illness.  It was very important for him to see Zachary, but we also won't hesitate to keep them apart if we think Zachary has any illness whatsoever.  The staff here are very good at keeping me entertained when Eli gives me a break!  Thanks for understanding.  In no way do we want to hurt the feelings of people who have supported us through so much, but Eli's health is our number one priority. 

Because of limiting our visitors, you can see why it is even more special to get cards and letters from all of you.  Here are the addresses:

Peyton Manning Children's Hospital
Eli Veale, patient
Room 3011
2001 West 86th Street
Indianapolis, Indiana

or you can mail it to

Eli Veale
201 East Main Street
Suite 401
Washington, Indiana

The second address is Bryan's mom's business.  She will collect any mail and give it to Bryan so he can deliver it when he visits.  May I ask a favor?  Please remember Zachary also.  He's such a trooper through this and it makes him happy as well to open a funny card.  No one has to go to any extreme for us, a card or letter is wonderful. Mail for him can go to the Washington address.

Specific Prayer Requests:

- Eli's blood cultures come back negative and STAY negative
- Eli's diarrhea subsides and he doesn't test positive for c-diff
- for Zachary as he seems to be doing well, but has his moments of insecurity and sadness
- for all the kids here and their families who are fighting battles none of us ever want to face

Thank you all!

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