Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Short but Sweet

Just a very quick note to explain the lack of updates.  Yes, we've been very busy while Eli's in therapy (which is going very well), but that's not the only reason.  The hard drive on our laptop is fried.  We do have a tablet that I use to check out Facebook, keep up on important emails, and these short updates, but that's about it.  I can't stand typing on that little keypad and it hurts my eyes to look at it very long! 

Hopefully once we're home I'll get some better updates out.  Or at least some pictures loaded!  Eli has been working very hard and is continuing to make progress at St. Mary's Rehab unit.  The next care conference is Wednesday and if everything falls into place we will get to come home Friday.  I still shake when typing that!  I can't believe we're so close to getting the four of us back together!  I promise to update after we have more information confirming Eli's discharge date. 

Thanks for all the support, cards, gifts, donations, shirt and bracelet orders, and especially prayers.  You've all been a huge part of getting us through this.  Bless you all!

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