Saturday, March 8, 2014

Short Update

We made it to Evansville and are settling in well.  Eli is transitioning better than I expected.  The time change has made things a little difficult, but we are adjusting.  Eli will have a full schedule of therapies here.  His schedule is set up very similar to the one at PMCH because that worked well for him.  The nurses, doctors, therapists, and other staff have been very kind and accommodating.  Eli will have full therapy days Monday through Saturday and morning sessions only on Sunday. He's a hardworking toddler!

A quick but heartfelt thank you for all the birthday wishes and kind words. It was a busy day for all of  us.

A better, more detailed update will have to come later.  It's very late and I am very tired!  Prayers for Eli to continue to adjust well over the next few days and do well in his therapies are appreciated.  Thank you all!!!

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