Sunday, February 1, 2015

It's Here, It's Finally Here!!!

Alrighty folks, it's finally here!  February!!!!  And you all know what we celebrate in February....Groundhog Day :)  Okay, just kidding.  What we really celebrate overshadows Groundhog Day (haha, see what I did there?  overshadows Groundhog Day?  I am very tired right now and a little slaphappy). 

February is known as Heart Month.  Specifically the week of February 7-14 is CHD Awareness Week.  While that's not yet nationally recognized we're working on it, and we in the heart community still work our tired tushies off to draw more awareness to Congenital Heart Defects, especially during that week. 

As you know, we are still collecting items to donate to Peyton Manning Children's Hospital.  Originally we hoped to deliver them during CHD Awareness Week, but our personal schedule isn't going to allow for a trip to Indy that week, so as of now we are looking at the end of February.  The good news with that is we will be collecting items pretty much all through the month of February, so there's plenty of time to get a donation to us if you wish to help out.  Again, any questions regarding the donation drive, please contact us via email ( or call us (812-254-7359).

Many of you may remember last year at this time while Eli was still in the hospital, there was a hugely successful fundraiser for Eli sponsored by our local Pizza Hut.  Well the managers there contacted us and are excited to do it again!  So on Friday February 13th, it will be Eli's MVPs Fundraiser Day at Washington's Pizza Hut!!! 

To participate, you have to have one of the vouchers pictured below.  The vouchers are free, but for Eli's MVPs to receive any donation from your order you must have a voucher.  What percentage does Eli receive?  That depends on how much the total sales are for the day.  The more they do in sales, the higher the percentage for Eli.  If net sales are >$600, then Pizza Hut will donate 20% which is what happened last time.  Last year this fundraiser was unbelievably successful and raised nearly $1000 for Eli.  Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!!  The managers at Pizza Hut have told me they will have even more employees available that day for this fundraiser now that they've seen just how incredible the support for Eli is. 

Again, the vouchers are free, but you must have one for your order.  Your order can be anytime during the day of the fundraiser, and it can be dine in, carry out, or delivery.  Online orders use the code given at the bottom of the voucher.  We will have these vouchers available at Daviess County Abstract (4th floor German American Bank) and hopefully some other places, but I've not had time to arrange that yet.  Those places will be announced soon as that is next on my To Do List!  If you want us to email a voucher to you, please let us know via Facebook or emailing us (  If you're able to, you're welcome to copy and paste from the voucher pictured below.  Also, you may make copies of your voucher for others who may be interested. 

We have found out about a special that will be available at Pizza Hut the day of Eli's fundraiser.  Since it's so close to Valentine's Day, they are offering one topping heart shaped pizzas for $9.99 or a heart shaped pizza and a cookie for $13.99!  What a cute way to celebrate Valentine's Day with your kids and to celebrate Eli's special heart than with a heart shaped pizza?!?  So appropriate at this time!

Also available during the fundraiser at Pizza Hut:

- a pair of tickets for the Indiana Pacers on the night they host the Charlotte Hornets featuring Washington's very own Cody Zeller.  This would be a great opportunity to watch Cody play professionally.  He's having a great season and has been starting a lot of games.  The game is Friday, April 3rd, and the seats are in section 208, row 12, seats 11 & 12.  They will be sold by a silent auction, and the starting bid is $25 for the pair. 

- Eli's MVPs bracelets will be sold again this year.  They're the same as what we began selling last year and are $3 each. 

We are planning on all four of us (and the baby bump!) to be present at Pizza Hut this year.  We haven't decided what times we'll go but we'll definitely be there for supper and hopefully earlier in the day as well.  Zachary had an absolute blast "working" last year, and he is sooo excited to do it again.  Bryan and I are just excited that Eli's home and not in the hospital!

Thank you for all the support you've shown in the past.  Your prayers, kind words, and offers of help mean so much to us and we are very grateful.  Eli has been doing extremely well, but (and I don't mean to be pessimistic, just realistic) please remember that every single day is a battle for him.  His heart works at least twice as hard as most of ours do.  He is still in therapy almost daily to try to regain what the strokes took from him.  Every day he has is a gift and we are lucky to still have him with us.  However, we cannot let our guard down and we have to realize that Eli's heart could further weaken at any time.  He has no guarantees other than this is probably the best he will ever be.  When will he deteriorate?  We don't know.  To what degree?  We don't know.  It could be something that can be temporarily helped by a pacemaker or medicine, or it could require a heart transplant.  Or there may be no options.  We don't know what will come.  Again, we're not trying to be negative but this is our life.  Eli is doing well now, but about the only guarantee we have is that he will have problems, likely major problems, at some point.  These fundraisers are to financially help him through those times.  We had an incredible, unbelievable turnout for the Pizza Hut fundraiser last year.  I feel like a large part of that is because his strokes had just happened and he was still in the acute recovery phase in the hospital.  This time, he's home and nothing major has negatively affected him since his strokes, but that doesn't mean he doesn't need our help and support just as much as he did last year. 

Again, thank you for reading and caring about our family.  We hope to see you at Pizza Hut on Friday the 13th because only good things will happen that day!  We are excited for our family to be there so we can thank you in person.  And as always, remember to cherish Every Little Beat...

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