Friday, June 19, 2015

Sleep Study Number Two

Asking for prayers again.  Eli had a sleep study last night.  It's being done because we need to find out if removing his tonsils and adenoids improved his quality of sleep.  We think it did because he's not snoring anymore, but that isn't enough information for us to go on!  His sleep study prior to the T & A showed many recurrent episodes of sleep apnea where his oxygen saturations would drop into the mid 70s.  Oxygen sats that low put a lot of stress on the heart and lungs.  His heart and lungs are already stressed because of his heart defects so we want to minimize or eliminate any additional stressors we can!  If this sleep study hasn't improved from the last one, our next option is likely a cpap machine for him to wear when sleeping.  Of course we'll do whatever is required, but we really, really don't want him to have to have cpap!  It was a chore getting him to wear oxygen tubing at night when he required oxygen, I can't imagine getting him to strap a mask over his mouth and nose every night!

Please pray that his sleep study has improved.  We'll probably have the results later next week. 

Bryan took him for this one and I stayed home with Zachary & Charlotte.  Here are some pictures he sent after Eli was hooked up and ready for bed.

It all looks very comfy, doesn't it?  Bryan said Eli woke twice in the night but easily went back to sleep when Bryan snuggled him.  They were woken at 5:45am to disconnect and go home. 
Here are a couple funny stories from yesterday:
1)  The boys were playing in the playroom and it was nearly time for Bryan & Eli to leave.  I told the boys to pick up.  Eli puts a few things away then sprawls out on the floor saying "I can't do dis anymore.  I'm tired.  Too tired for mine sweep study."  Too tired for his sleep study?  Funny boy!
2)  Zachary, Charlotte, & I went to Evansville for supper and a little shopping.  We stopped in Petersburg for gas and on the way out I told Zachary Hwy 57 is the way we went to Evansville all the time before I69.  Here's that conversation:
Z: This is how you went when you were a kid?
Me: Yes, as a kid and a grown up.
Z:  Wow.  Some of these buildings look really old.  Like they were built in 1981.
Following that we had a brief discussion about time perspective!
3)  And a Charlotte update.  She was 8 weeks old on Wednesday and she'll be 2 months old Monday.  (I really don't like how quickly time is going by!)  As I carried her through the store someone asked me how old she was.  As I had those two numbers in my head I promptly replied "8 months"  Then I had to correct myself.  She's getting to the point where I don't know if I should reply in weeks or months & I confused myself!
Thank you for the prayers and for following our family.  I'll update with Eli's results when we get them.  And I'll try to be better about updating with Charlotte pictures.  Life is busy with three kids and I'm making my health and rest more of a priority than I have in the past.  But I will get better about this.  It's not just for you, it's for Zachary, Eli, and Charlotte too!  I would like to do an update on the boys' baseball seasons.  Both have finished and we took lots of pictures throughout.  I was still pregnant when the season began and a lot has happened since then!
God bless you all and remember to cherish Every Little Beat...

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