Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Two Months!

Charlotte is two months old already!  Well, yesterday she was two months old, today she's two months and one day :)

This sweet little gal is very cuddly, loves bright lights, and is giving lots of smiles.  She's been testing her soft little voice  sometimes with darling little coos and ahhs.  She recognizes her big brothers, is a good nurser, and is pretty happy most of the time.  But she does have a quick temper and can be very loud!  She prefers a shower over a bath in her baby tub and hates to be in a wet/dirty diaper (not that I blame her!).  She still wants held a lot at night, but lately has been sleeping about 4 solid hours so Mommy is beginning to get a little more rest.  She weighs about 10 1/2lbs and still has blue eyes.  She's outgrown all her newborn sizes and is in 0-3 or 3 month clothes.  No matter what size she is, she's a perfect fit for us!

The mandatory 2 Month sticker photo. 

This bear was made by the four of us at Build A Bear while I was pregnant with her.  Bryan and I started
the tradition of making a bear for our unborn baby when I was pregnant with Zachary. 
Zachary's bear is Giggles, Eli's is Happy, and Charlotte's is Laffy. 


We always have to be a little different.  So instead of being like everyone else doing the monthly stickers, we got the boys in on the action too!  My original idea was to have one with the three of them and their stickers...but posing three kids for one photo is not easy and the individual pictures turned out just fine!


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