Saturday, June 16, 2012

Vacation 2012, A Foreword

VACATION.  We. Need. One.

For anyone who knows my husband, you already know he loves baseball.  He played it all through Little League, Senior League, high school and even in college where his team (Rose Hulman Engineers...yes he's smart and athletic) won the conference championship and made the NCAA Division 3 tournament in 1996.  The Cincinnati Reds have always been his favorite team, but he's a true lover of the sport and will enter a trance watch whenever a game is on.  He loves sports in general and has a hobby of writing to players & teams asking for autographs, fan packs, team info, etc. 

Recently he wrote a letter to the office of Major League Baseball and explained our family's situation with Eli's heart problems.  In the letter he talked about what an awesome big brother Zachary is and how we strive to do some special things for him in light of all the attention Eli receives.  Bryan asked if Zachary could receive something special from the Reds or discount tickets for our family to go to a Reds game.  Their response:  they notified the Reds organization who sent us a letter asking the four of us to be their guests at a game and join the players ON THE FIELD for batting practice!  After Bryan changed his pants and underwear he immediately sent back a "YES" reply and got to work with our Reds contact to pick a date that worked for us & them.  That date became Friday, June 8. 

We decided to make that the kickoff to our vacation and spend a few days in & around Cincy.  Then we decided to go to Indy for a few days after that.  These are both destinations that are pretty familiar to us, but we don't mind repeating attractions.  Zachary loves any zoo & aquarium and Eli is now getting old enough to enjoy those things too.  While in Cincy we are definitely going to the Reds game on the 8th, we purchased tickets to go Sunday night as well, we will go to the aquarium in Newport and hopefully the zoo and museum as well.  We don't want to schedule too much because we have to see how Eli tolerates these big long activities.  Our hotels in each city have indoor pools so we should be able to entertain one child if the second is too tired.

That's an adventure I could live without -- searching for a hotel.  We HAVE to have a refrigerator in our room for Eli's medicine.  Yes, that's standard in many hotels these days but not all hotels, and we can't take the chance we don't have one.  We also like to have an indoor pool if possible but we won't complain if it's outside.  We also like it to include a breakfast.  To me, those requests don't sound like much but apparently it is because our search takes days.  Maybe it's because we want a 5 star room for a 2 star price?  And we have to book two hotels this time since we're going to two cities.  Oh well, it's done and I think we'll be happy with our choices.  I'm sure you'll read more about this in a future post!

We don't usually broadcast when we're out of town so my goal is to blog each day of our vacation but not post those until we're back home.  So, lucky readers, you'll have several posts to read all at once!  Or not.  I LOVE that so many people follow us but there are two reasons I do this.  One reason is to provide updates about Eli's health and our family to our family & loved ones.  We have so many people who pray for us and the least we can do is keep them up to date.  The other reason is simply for us.  We have so much going on and I want to keep a record for the four of us to reflect back on someday.  I get teary-eyed thinking about the day forty years from now when our boys will be sitting at their computers (or whatever high-tech device it is then) reading about our lives and bringing back memories they may have forgotten.  Just typing that sentence makes me think about one very important thing...I hope I remember to give each of them the web address!

Anyway, what's to come in the next few days will be a lot of wonderful memories for our family.  Zachary has eagerly been counting the days to "Our Vacation!"  Eli is caught up in Zachary's excitement and Albert is ready for it to be over with and have us back home to cater to him.  Well, we leave in less than 24 hours so I'd better start packing!

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