Sunday, June 17, 2012

Vacation 2012, June 10: Pool Time & Reds

Another laid back kind of day for us.  We ate breakfast then returned to the room for our swimsuits.  Zachary is very proud of his Alvin & the Chipmunks trunks and Eli looked very cute in his Lil' Swimmer & UV protection shirt.  The pool was an indoor pool, but we put the shirt on him anyway because it covered his button.  Just that little layer of material provides some protection from the button getting caught on something and getting pulled out.  It's really no big deal to replace it if something did happen, but it's better if we try to prevent it anyway!

Zachary loved the pool.  He was a little timid at first because he's like me and doesn't adjust quickly to new environments (it's been a while since he went swimming).  As soon as he knew he could touch he starting playing and splashing.  Eli took a lot longer to get used to the water.  Slowly he began to like it but he still wouldn't let us hold him away from our bodies.  Bryan got in the whirlpool for a while to try to help his back, and Zachary had to follow.  He thought the bubbles were awesome.  After a while I put my legs in and held Eli on my lap.  Eventually he started splashing his feet in the whirlpool, but of course we didn't put him in any further.  When the timer went off and the bubbles stopped, Zachary was out & back in the pool.  It was hard to get him out so we could go back to the room.

Zachary quickly started splashing around but Eli took a lot longer to adjust

He did finally stand on the ledge and hold the wall by himself

Momma &  her water monkeys

They were both wearing sunglasses & looking super cool, but Eli wouldn't keep his on for a picture

A picture of our beds, complete with Giggles & Mickey Mouse

The door that's lit up is the shower & sink area.  The door to the right of that one is the toilet & sink.  Both doors slid open & closed which captivated Zachary.  Our tv swiveled so it could be watched from the beds or the living area.  The refrigerator & microwave are in the area behind the tv. The bedroom area & living area are separated by a desk that had frosted, sliding glass.  Zachary liked to play restaurant there and take our orders from the desk side as we "drove up" to the open window side.  It was a good room for us.

After showers we headed out for a late lunch at Logan's Roadhouse.  Zachary was not pleased with the peanut shells on the floor.  We all enjoyed our meals.  Back at the hotel, Eli & I took short naps before getting ready for the Reds game. 

Zachary wore his Reds Heads kids club jersey & Eli wore a Reds romper we found while shopping the day before.  I wish I had gotten a picture of the two of them but I didn't.  We had good seats thanks to a deal Bryan found online the week before our vacation.  The game wasn't as good as Friday's because the Reds lost to the Tigers, but we still had a great time.  Both boys danced and hollered at players.  We all enjoyed a helmet of nachos (a plastic batting helmet filled with two layers of nachos & cheese....YUM!).  We did get rained on a little but it was a light rain that moved on very quickly.  Zachary spent the last few innings trying to decide if he liked or didn't like the bugs that were flying around everyone.

Mommy & Eli before the game.  I'm wearing my new hat given to us Friday night and Eli's wearing his new Reds romper we bought while at the mall Saturday.

Since it was the Sunday night game, the blimp was there.  Both boys loved it.  They kept pointing to it & making sure Bryan & I saw it every. single. time. it flew over the stadium.  Their excitement is fun.

Gapper came by and give kids fives and shook hands.  Zachary immediately put his hand out to him and was very happy.  Eli kept calling him Elmo.

Homer Bailey warming up for his start tonight.  He pitched well.

HELMET NACHOS = happy Zachary

Jay Bruce at bat.  It looks like he's wearing new batting gloves.  I wonder what happened to his old ones?  Oh, yes, he autographed them for my sons!

Aroldis Chapman taking some warm up pitches.  He throws 100+mph fastballs.  It was cool to see.  You can see a lot of people on their feet just to watch him warm up.  He brings a lot of excitement to the Reds games.

Again, we got back to the hotel very late, and Eli was already asleep.  Zachary decided he wanted to fall asleep on the couch and was out in no time.  Needless to say, the two of them have been sleeping very well at night!  The rain is supposed to stick around for Monday, so we're probably going to do the aquarium.  We know Zachary enjoys it and we're excited to see Eli's reaction to some of the things he sees there!

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