Sunday, June 17, 2012

Vacation 2012, June 9: A Laid Back Day

After the excitement and traveling we had yesterday, we didn't want to do anything major today.  We went for breakfast in the hotel lobby and then came back to our room.  I know I made a big deal in the foreword about finding a hotel, and I think we found a great one.  It was easy to find and there are lots of places to eat nearby.  It's a small suite in a new hotel and the furnishings are very modern.  Lots of clean lines and other phrases I've picked up from being an HGTV addict.  Our room has two beds, a desk and a large sofa in addition to the must have refrigerator.  The bathroom is actually two separate areas with one sliding door housing the toilet and a small sink and a totally separate sliding door that has a larger sink with counter space and the large shower.  My only complaints are that there's no tub and the mini fridge is only a refrigerator, no freezer.  We have to pack icebags from the ice machine to keep medicine and drinks cool when we're going out.  Not a big deal, but just something I took for granted before.  Not having a tub was a surprise, but again not a big deal.  Eli was definitely not happy getting a shower but was fine once it was over.  A positive to the room is there's a fair amount of floor space in the living area for the boys to play.

Eli woke up in a great mood...and the clothes he wore the day before.  Here, he was using me for his jungle gym.

Just a little light reading from Zachary's dino book before we went to the mall.

After breakfast, playtime, and showers for all of us, we went to a nearby mall.  By then it was early afternoon so we ate lunch in the food court.  We really didn't need to shop but just used it as a way to stay cool and walk around.  We visited a candy store, and Zachary chose several gummy animals (sharks, octopus, bears and frogs).  We also went to Build-A-Bear and bought shirts for Giggles and Happy (bears we made for each boy during my pregnancies).  After that the guys rode the carousel.  I stayed on the ground so I could take pictures.  The pictures didn't turn out well because Zachary chose to go to the second story (yes, it was a two-story carousel).  We were shocked because the lower level had a triceratops he could've ridden, but he opted for a zebra on the upper level.  The boy is full of surprises!  Eli was on a bird (maybe an ostrich?) but let's just say he wasn't a fan.  He was fine once Bryan took him off the moving animal and held him.
Zachary riding his zebra

Eli was happier after Bryan took him off the ostrich

Eli loved this airplane and was quite the ham for pictures

Zachary saw how much fun Eli had and wanted to try it for himself. 

We left the mall after almost four hours of entertainment and came back to the room for Eli's nap.  Bryan and Zachary amused themselves with looking at our items from yesterday's experience while I did dishes in the bathroom sink.  Yes, I did dishes in the bathroom sink.  Yes, I packed dishsoap, two pink plastic tubs from our many hospital stays, and a bottle brush.  Yes, I know we're on vacation, but we still need clean bottles, sippies, pacifiers and oral syringes for multiple daily medicines.  Yes, I am curious what the housekeeper thinks when she sees my set up. 

When Eli woke we went to Zachary's choice for dinner:  Skyline Chili.  He fell in love with the place because of their tv commercials during Reds games.  Two years ago we brought him to one when we were here for a few days.  He loved it.  He just eats the hot dogs with shredded cheese, no chili.  At home he requests a "Skyline" and we have to put shredded cheese on his hot dogs.  So that was his supper tonight.  Eli sat in a booster seat for the first time and did very well.  He ate well too.  We came back to the hotel and just played and watched tv until bedtime. 
During each of my pregnancies we made a teddy bear for each baby.  This is Zachary's bear Giggles.  Today at the mall we went to Build-A-Bear and bought some new clothes for each bear.  Zachary chose a shark shirt and sunglasses for Giggles and a pirate tank top and shorts for Happy (Eli's bear). 

Daddy & his boys playing before bed

Roughhousing before bedtime.  This shows a better view of our hotel room.  We will definitely stay there again next time we're in the area. 

Tomorrow we plan on being lazy around here and checking out the pool.  We're going to the Reds game tomorrow night and don't want to have a full day with a late night.  Our plan is to do the aquarium on Monday.  Tuesday we check out of our hotel and we'll decide then if we're going to the museum or zoo here, weather permitting, before heading to Indy.

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