Saturday, April 27, 2013

Day 10, Post Op Fontan (April 27)

Eli is officially two and a half today!  Whooppeee :) 

He did not sleep well last night.  He was super fussy and couldn't sleep for a long stretch.  We kept changing his position in bed but it didn't seem to help for long.  We think he was pretty sore from all his activity yesterday.  We kept him on a regular schedule of Ibuprofen & Tylenol, but there's not much more we can do. 

Today he's had several naps.  He's been up on Bryan's lap on the couch three times and went for one wagon ride.  We didn't try to get him up on his feet today.  We'll work on that tomorrow (don't tell him that yet!).  Dr. Abraham said we could get some PT ordered for him just to get him up & going again. 

Again, he's eaten pretty well.  He had pancakes, yogurt, & bacon (he called it hot dogs?) for breakfast.  Lunch was fish sticks, fries, and pudding.  For supper he had chicken nuggets, a roll, and chocolate ice cream.  My sister brought pizza for me & Bryan and Eli ate some of that too.  As he's eating more regularly, moving around more, and getting Miralax, his bowels have started moving a little better.  Hoping that keeps up for him because he doesn't need to add that to his list of issues!

Dr. Belcher (infectious disease) came in this morning and said there's still no growth on Eli's latest cultures (two days ago).  That's a really good sign.  We'll still be doing the antibiotic therapy I described in the last post, but it looks like we're definitely on the right track.  Dr. Abraham said we'll see how the weekend goes and possibly consider taking the chest tube out on Monday.  For now, we just keep doing what we're doing medicine-wise and don't rock the boat!  Sometimes I think the doctors are afraid we might think they're not doing their job if something isn't changed or new each day.  We get the fact that Eli needs time.  Of course we want to get our baby home, but it's obvious to us that he is not ready.  We're okay with that because we know he'll get there. 

The nurse who was taking care of Eli last Sunday when his heart rhythm changed was working today.  She came in to see him just as soon as she got her patients assessed.  She was glad to see how good he looked.  She was a little surprised at the chest tube, since Sunday his effusion wasn't very big.  She said she had called a couple times during the week to check on his status.  When she left last Sunday night he didn't look so good, but she said her mind was at ease after seeing him today!  We're very lucky to be surrounded by so many people who truly care about Eli and us.

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