Friday, April 26, 2013

Day 8, Post Op Fontan (April 25)

Eli took a wagon ride!  He protested the whole time we got him ready and into the wagon, but once we were rolling he liked it.  You'd never know it by the non-smiling face and clenched hands on his blanket, but he liked it! 

"My ride is better than your ride"

He's enjoying himself, but not willing to let anyone know yet!

"but, Mommy, I don't wanna smile for the camera!"

 We stopped to look out onto the playground they have and he wasn't impressed.  We took him into the playroom which is filled with kid friendly stuff including foos ball table, fish tank, books, Chuggington train table, games, etc.  Again, he wasn't impressed.  He actually started crying and asked to leave!

The playroom that did not impress Eli.  Zachary loves it, but Eli...not so much (yet anyway!)

We took him for another lap and then back to the room.  He slept peacefully after that for a long nap. 

Sleepy baby!

When he woke we removed some of his dressings and extra monitor tabs that were stuck to him.  We need a box of Detachol (stuff you rub on his skin to help get rid of the sticky residue left on his skin) when we come home.  Baby oil works also, but the other stuff is better!  He also had his first bath since before surgery.  It was just a sponge bath in his bed and we only rubbed a wet washcloth on his head, but it was more than he's had in days.  Then he snuggled on Daddy's lap all wrapped up in towels and blankets while his bed linens were changed. 

Eli was given a cape yesterday.  There's a program here at the hospital called "The Hero Project" and their goal is to provide super hero capes to the patients.  Eli's is an Elmo print and it has felt letters that spell "SILLY" across the back.  He hasn't worn it yet, but it did ride in the wagon with him.  I think it will be a hit once he gets in a better mood.

Eli's super hero cape provided by The Hero Project at PMCH

Thank you to anyone who's donated to Peyton Manning Children's Hospital Hero Project!

Eli slept well last night (Thursday night) and is eating better too.  For Thursday's breakfast he ate some ham & cheese omelet and banana.  Lunch was some of Bryan's ham sandwich, chips, and water.  For supper he ate chicken nuggets.  The food here is actually very good.  I'm sure we'll tire of it, but so far his trays have all been good.  Bryan and I each ate a nugget after Eli was done last night (hey, waste not want not!) and they were better than any fast food nugget out there!  Breakfast this morning was another omelet and half a container of strawberry yogurt. 

We had someone contact us and say that our last post may have shown up as spam on Facebook.  I tried to check into it, but couldn't get anywhere.  Hopefully that doesn't happen again, but if it does, could you let me know?  Our internet connection has been a little "off" the past couple days, but seems to be more consistent now. 

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