Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day 3, Post Op Fontan (April 20)

Eli had a little more issues with pain control today, but that's because he's getting back to his former wormy self.  Because he's moving around more, it hurts more!  In total he's had four doses of morphine today in addition to Tylenol and Toradol.

The plan was for him to be moved out of the PICU to the general pediatric unit.  Dr. Abraham came and pulled his JP drains.  I've seen them come out of an adult before and it's amazing how much is coiled inside the chest.  Today I watched him pull Eli's out (after a premedicating dose of morphine because it HURTS!) and was astonished to see that the drains in his little chest weren't much shorter than the adult I had previously seen.  It was every bit as long as my hand.  Eli was upset when it happened, but he got over it pretty quickly and got happy when he snuggled his stuffed animals.  A little later, a look at his labs revealed he needed to receive a unit of blood.  His hemoglobin & hematocrit were a little low.  The cardiologist said it wasn't low enough to be very concerned about anything, but a single ventricle baby would take longer to bring those levels back to normal, so let's just give him a boost.  He got 4oz over an hour and tolerated that just fine.  His PICU nurse (who kept calling Eli her boyfriend!) kept him there until long after the blood went in, just to be on the safe side.  Everything was fine and we were transferred about 6:20pm.

Right after we got to our new room, Bryan's sister Ashley came to visit.  She brought some pizza casserole, garlic bread and brownies.  Mmmmmmm.  Then my sister Ashley came.  She brought two large slabs of bbq ribs, potatoes, salad, and meatballs from a party she & Josh had just left.  They had a lot of food there and told Ashley to bring some to us.  So now we are set for food for the next couple days!  We ate a little bit of everything and are looking forward to lunch tomorrow!

Eli wasn't sure about his new room at first, but he's doing well now.  Bryan and I can both stay in the room with him (in the PICU it's only one parent in the room per night).  There's a pull out couch that will hold our four long legs!

Zachary had his first tball game of the season.  We heard he played first base and even made a couple outs.  He also led off for the Angels had a hit and scored their first run.  Zachary was excited.

Thank you all so much for the prayers and support.  Eli is definitely feeling better and acting more like himself.  Good night, everyone and I'll update as events occur tomorrow!

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